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Arrows of Time

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The second law of thermodynamics states that entropy increases. Will this still hold if the universe starts to contract? Last I heard was that the heat death scenario might be the real one, but what if there was going to be a big crunch ?

I can easily imagine systems becoming more disordered with time, this is common sense, but its nearly impossible for me to imagine the opposite. Am I just prisoner of a mind that evolved in local conditions ? Is it part of some extended physical sensibility that order increasing is perfectly believable ?

If space is contracting then matter is being compressed into a smaller volume so presumably the 2nd law will change and say that order is increasing. One of the issues I have is that if space is contracting (at first) this implies that galaxies are moving together, but you could still imagine life on one planet of one star system in one galaxy where the contraction is not noticeable, and one’s imagination suggests that the second law will still mean disorder is locally increasing.

If the second law changes then does that mean the arrow of time reverses ? Just because space is shrinking doesn’t mean that the kind of order that composes life will necessarily appear in my image of things. Or will we actually see a universe with corpses forming from scatttered atoms, which then turn into people living backwards and end with an egg and a sperm converting back to components inside another person’s sexual organs ?

Solids are more ordered than liquids and gases. Maybe we’ll just get a lot of lumps of stuff !

Also I’d like to know what the flat point of zero contraction exactly at the half way point between big bang and big crunch would feel like. Maybe this zero time apex is the orgasmic moment when we have to squirt our universe seed into the welcoming female superspace to reproduce successfully.

This may also be connected to reversible computing. Normal computers lose some of their input energy as heat, but reversible computing runs through to its target state and then “dismantles” itself so that it then runs right back to its start configuration with no net energy loss. I find it a fascinating idea that the universe might be performing a reversible computation, which leaves “the divine energy balance sheet” exactly where it started… All creative energy loans paid off eventually and a whole universe for free !

Minds are the most sophisticated information processing devices known. If the mechanisms that cause big bangs are very complex, as they would seem to be, then maybe the information processing requirements of this stage of reality requires minds to coordinate it. Thus we could ask: Is the formation of universes something that necessitates the involvement of minds ? Of course the well-visited “what’s it all about ?” dialectic will then mean we have to suggest that “In the beginning…” was only a (divine) mind.

It seems to me only slightly weaker to assume that “In the beginning…” was a universe with evolutionary potential to create minds than to assume an omnipotent creator god. It may be that once minds exist a whole new chain of mind-created universes finds its initial node, and that this chain of creations tends towards servicing and embodying an infinite mind.

Why should anything exist anyway ? well the alternative is that nothing at all exist, and that’s an empty outcome and is therefore not an alternative at all !

More soon.


Written by Luke Dunn

July 28, 2009 at 7:56 pm

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  1. Interesting.


    August 14, 2009 at 5:55 am

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