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The second rap: questionnaire typology

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All human knowledge is about questions.

  • questions = problems in a high school calculus class
  • questions = problems in an iq test

This new system could revolutionise iq testing, because you could ask the subject about things they were truly interested in, rather than expecting everyone to be interested in trivial logic puzzles or puzzles involving shapes etc. This would be more fair, and moreover less prone to cultural bias where students fail to answer optimally simpy because the question didn’t interest them, rather than because they assessed the question and found it too hard !

A type 3/4 questionnaire in an educational setting would pinpoint the optimal learning modality of a student so their own learning could be accelerated by issuing questions and problems that stretched them in just the right ways. Not to mention the benefit that would result of making university exams into type 3/4 questionnaires, of course with a suitably designed rating system to maximise achievement and fairness of assessment.

With a type 3 questionnaire that was widely promulgated we could could estimate the total brainpower of the human race. With a type 4 we would come nearer to total mind capture and the potential to understand fully where we are and where we might go.

We could estimate the limits to human intelligence because there would be a clear averaged cut off point at the region where questions become to long or complex. This envelope would be broad to account for the smartest and the least so. Maybe then ai could fill in on our bad patches and help us synergistically to work to improve our weak spots.

so much boils down to questions:

You could know a student very well by finding what kinds of questions they enjoyed answering.

You could monitor world opinion about nearly every subject by using type 3 questionnaires

Societally we could allot the most important questions to those best fit to answer them. (Be prepared for surprises here!) Some bums may prove to know more about foreign policy than some ambassadors !

We could allot the most important and timely questions to more of the right people through dynamic prioritising working on the results of type 3/4 questionnaires.

Aside: type 3 questionnaire could make a *really* efficient dating service by matching people to those similar (if that strategy of like likes like really works that is!!). Or it could stimulate and help us learn more about amity by assigning dates between people who disagree about the details but agree so much about the fundamentals. Or you could choose to find someone who agrees about the minor details but disagrees about the fundamentals. Dating was never such a challenge…Indeed this might improve the chances of world peace !

A type 3 questionnaire could even up power balances by assessing and then moving the best knowers to regions where they are most needed, so the distribution of intelligence would become more optimal and even, allowing humankind to progress by avoiding educational black spots.

A type 3 questionnaire could identify weaknesses in whole national education systems and suggest correcting means.

A type 3 questionnaire could map cultures or smaller groups (maybe corporations) by the extent to which they facilitated intelligence and thus establish ways for weaker cultures to catch up and grow, or stronger but less error tolerant cultures to become more humanistic and broad, which is another slice through the question-space.

We could build on our strengths, individually, groupwise or societally, and in sharing the results centrally coach ourselves to face our weaknesses better, or build upon our real strengths.

We could gain an overview of all human knowledge – where its going and where it came from. This would be so nice.

type 4 questionnaires would make mastermind or jeaopardy look *so* incomplete. The contestant would be tested upon every aspect of their total brain function.

Type 3/4 would make a soft mind upload or personality capture system easier.

…and after all: I find it fun answering questions… not the facile ones of type 2 or 3 but the truly targeted and interesting ones of 3 or 4 !! yes. so learning becomes more fun !

all this is not disconnected with other ai methods but my typology remains useful. if you disagree with any of this then challenge me !


Written by Luke Dunn

June 29, 2012 at 4:12 pm

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