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An Alternative Creation Myth

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To see a glimpse of the whole of nature is to know wonder and eternal beauty. We dabble our fingers in nature’s water and perceive the richness of forms, the elegant patterns. We feel tiny currents around our hands, playing the game of trying to predict, never holding the future for certain. According to certain Kaballists the greatest attainment of all is to see the hand of the divine in each part of its great work, the cosmos. Should that perhaps be the final end for which to strive ?

I sometimes believe despite the doubts I inherited from a scientific education that there is a designer, but I still feel he/she has not designed in the simple method imagined by the authors of Genesis, or any inherited creation myth I have seen. That is just a crude metaphor. No, God made the universe along wider principles, he/she designed the atom, the periodic table, yes, he/she allowed carbon to bond 4-valent, he/she ordained that organic carbon chemistry should be the substrate for life. he/she ordained that gravitational accretion should form stars and planets, that planets with the right mix of elements should bear the fruit of life at the right temperatures, that hydrogen fusion should power Earth’s biosphere. He/she ordained the weirder mysteries of space-time: black holes, dark matter, the madness of quantum… all part of the glory.

Every fact that science has discovered about our universe is undeniable, valid, and by inference may even point us toward the creator who dreamed it all. Thus science and religion are not in theory incompatible. No fact of theology disproves science. No fact of science disproves the existence of a creator, indeed speculations about God only enrich scientific understanding, by provoking mystery and a sense of beauty through the expansion of horizons. We truly stretch our imaginations through such speculation. But so unfortunate we should all be at odds over it !

Here then is an alternative view of creation which should serve as a rebuttal to the dogmatic creationists who devalue science in favour of fairy tales. And a mildly put challenge to the followers of scientism who wish to ban the theological urge.

The first day : In the beginning was only pure consciousness. God dreamed a project. He played with his thoughts, played with concepts, numbers and the relationships between these. Infinities sat in his/her hand like jewels.

The second day: God envisaged a free, jubilant energy, a dancing spirit, a sheer willed desire to exist. Though he/she imagined it, set in the crucible of his/her imagination it was solid and substantial, more real than any human dream. The energy moved without hindrance and expanded perpetually, expressing its liberty like a clear note ringing out.

The third day: God subjected this lively energy of being to a constraint, it may not move thus and thus. By limitation he/she allowed the rich structures governed by laws to emerge, by confinement he/she ordained something at once finite and unconstrained. By moulding the primeval stuff in his/her hands he set a theme.

The fourth day: The maelstrom of matter/energy was endowed with yet more vast possibilities, time was born and the moving dance of evolution in time, numerous varied potentials exploded out of the growing idea. Through time forms were again constrained, while through eternity their expansion was also given substance.

The fifth day: God interleaved other dynamic paradigms with the growing universe, enriching it and allowing it to embody a subset of his/her myriad mathematical ideas. he/she stood outside time, yet his/her creation exists bound in time, though indeterminacy still plays its role.

The sixth day: In the glittering vessel he/she has made, complex molecules start to form, they slowly explore a huge space of possible lifeforms, one group of these being human. Miraculous diversity resulted from this explosive meeting of will and constraint.

The seventh day: Intelligent life finally forms as the crown of evolution. Its future is a story no-one may yet see. Perhaps together with its machine creations, it will finally attain full grasp of the universe’s functioning. Perhaps consciousness will view itself and see finally that it is the goal towards which all God’s work was aimed, all variables tuned just right for conscious arising. Thus God may knows him/herself anew and the purpose of creation finally be attained.

Split yourself into a swarm of autonomous agents
send them out for data and reabsorb them later.
synergy and unity feels good, sure
but to embrace paradox you must divide… divide.
Omniscience cannot learn or forget,
and so we were invented:
mini fragments of divine stuff.
There is a sadness to separation…
this little packet of joy seeks merger
but that cannot come till The End,
or in love prefiguring such final summation.
Meanwhile we may become minds, computers
and growing ever more powerful
simulate all resurrected souls inside us.
But even that time will reach its close,
until we rip the last barrier and make new universes
each slowly evolving towards other vast minds
or natural beauties of other unknown kinds.


Written by Luke Dunn

August 13, 2012 at 2:43 pm

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