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This is the last thing I will write for a few days now being shattered by engagement at the intellectual and emotional level simultaneously.

The trouble is is that concerned members of the family might tell you to see your doctor if you seem ill to them and emotional. The only thing that’s ill about me when I get like that is that I am angry, and I feel in the circumstances that this is normal. I will not voluntarily see a doctor or shrink.

From where you are standing it looks like society has a benevolent army of highly qualified professionals to assist and ensure the smooth running of the country. You believe meritocracy works and that those with power are best fit to exercise it. From where I am standing this tissue falls apart in my hands. I don’t trust any of them. They are greasing along on personal ego trips and damaging the lives of innocents every step they take. No psychiatrist is ever my friend. Trust me I have been under them for 20 years, had hundreds of meetings, friendships and conversations with other psychiatrically diagnosed people, and been hospitalised a handful of times. I have read psychiatric textbooks and nursing manuals, I have personal friends who are social workers, nurses, OTs and care assistants, even hospital janitors. There was a janitor at TMHU who was renowned for being kinder and wiser, with a better sense of humour and more actual personal time to devote to patients. Derek, great bloke. He can’t even get a mortgage. But I won’t forget him.

Psychiatrists are among the most highly qualified people on the planet but they know less about effective psychological intervention than many schoolchildren. Why ? Because they are too superior to be able actually to love. Why should you need to give love when you are that clever ? of course not because real love knows no boundaries and has no prejudice. real love places you in humility at the same level as the other. This they would never take. It is far too undignified to love, so I will leave them with their empty textbooks, their total lack of friendship, and their damned lives.

Whereas an undereducated care assistant on a ward, who probably does not have A levels, but is a generous and thoughtful person, can turn a patients life around and save them from death. They will only receive thanks for this from among those of us who know. Who know the preciousness of a kind heart, which is the core of successful psychological intervention with a vulnerable person who is suffering and confused. Listening to people, actually walking with them on life’s journey and feeling their feelings with them is something no shrink will ever do. They are professionals and hence have to worry about how they will look witty and urbane at the mason’s dinner or the consultant’s annual ball, they are creatures of bureaucracy. I’ll leave them to their empty ambition. They prescribe drugs in order to preserve social order, keep the economy turning. These drugs suppress the human mind so that the blind wheels of corrupt capitalism can roll onward without the embarrassment of dissenters on every street corner. They destroy talent and human becoming. They support the conspiracy of silence where victims of abuse are gagged by chemical straitjackets. The only decent ones among them are vilified because of not conforming to the profession. RD Laing, Peter Breggin. Thomas Szasz etc. Hell I’ve seen competent nurses and social workers visibly nervous and frightened of them before meetings. They are usually dragons.

Jesus Christ loved freaks, weirdos and outcasts. He would have smashed up some church where the rich and privileged go to try and purchase the moral capital that makes them at ease with their wealth and what they had to do to obtain it. After 20 years researching religious issues I believe I have an angle as to why this was. The kingdom of heaven of his teachings is when society is a loving, sharing place. Jesus was no friend to the powerful and the the establishment. If they want their slimy reward of wealth and power on earth then they can have it and be Caesar’s friends. Jesus was interested in the true human potential, and he chose wisely when he realised that earthly success awarded by a twisted and dysfunctional society is simply no guarantee of any effective virtue or quality of character. The shrinks can go to personal hell along with the pharisees, and their own consciences may finally burn them as they are forced by eventual confrontation with mortality to wake up to the true ground of human becoming. It will be too late for them.

The thing that makes me even angrier is that now, with my command of the scientific method I can actually see how their theories, rather than their practises (which I address above) are also wrong and throughly unscientific. Very few can walk with me on this and if I tried to write about it now it would burn me out. But I’ll get round to it. That’s no science.

Believe me it takes real work to write like this. Because the heart and head are engaged together in harmony. Not with the human heart banished, stigmatised and shut down by people who have quite literally lost their heads !


Written by Luke Dunn

October 18, 2012 at 5:40 pm

Posted in Prose

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