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Schizophrenia and Individual Development

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Some shrinks say that we have stunted development because we were taken from the work environment by our illnesses. I disagree since many work environments are bitchy and overcompetitive, and don’t enable you to “develop” at all. also as I said before some psychiatrists used to say that boarding school helped correct development and that for children to become over attached to their mothers by staying at home was “unnatural” also the common use of nannies among the more privileged classes was justified.

Overall though I think its important to recognise that human beings are very flexible and adaptable creatures who can develop in a range of possible environments. What is development anyway… waht kind of devleopment should we examine. If you want to raise soldiers and manual workers then slums filled with poverty, pain and violence are ideal. If you want administrators then minor public schools should do. A “thinking caste” of scientists as HG wells envisaged might be best produced by a controlling and intrusive education system etc etc

The development of feeling and thought in harmony is an ennobling ideal, but a lot of the guiding ideas behind theories of human development are based around systems with alot of social control where a person is rained to blind conformity and has less chance of gaining an independent will. Townies are different to country folk too, I played across miles and miles of countryside often on my own and never knew any kids other than the very privileged offspring of my parents friends, or people from my school. I wasn’t even aware of the children from the village becasue I tuned them out as they did me, since we were not socially destined to intermingle. Once me and my brother went to Dreamland and we were astonished by the different kinds of life that we saw.

In line with adaptibility though I think it is a strength of humanity that there should be a wide variety of devleopmental environments for people, but that we should all mix with each other. then there is a richness and breadth to the mind-base of society, since we are spread wide in individual diversity over all the different environments that life can offer. We enlarge ourselves when we understand our differences becasue a friend’s developmental conditions are available to me through intuition and empathy, or even love.

Some suggest that there is no perfect developmental path for a human since that would imply the elimination of risks, danger and adversity and that might risk, so they say, making a person weaker and mollycoddled. Of course thenagain that would justify the kinds of attitude that you have spoken of in reference to your schooling. We can do without that too, I just hope that the school of hard knocks doesn’t get too hard, but no rough and tumble at all is also anti-life, as when you see over anxious parents making their children fearful cos mummy has to stand next to the climbing frame in case junior falls off and grazes his knee.

Ultimately my final view is that the kids should have more right to decide their own developmental paths, chaps who aren’t good at games should jolly well get stuck into a book if they choose ! etc. It has come to be seen as a hallmark of our learning process that we initiate and guide our learning ourselves. This is optimal.

Also I would like to add that the idea of normal development is closely linked to normality itself as an idea. The ultimate measure of development of an organism is its total nature not some abstract “mind”. all minds are unique and valid, since the range of capabilities of a mind cannot be linearised into a simple hierarchy. all human individuals are unique and valid.

One of the points about development can be clarified by looking at circumcision. In cultures that perform this kind of genital mutilation it is seen as normal, and rationalised as part of ordinary health. Thus we can generalise and sense that the sadistic elements of our own culture’s childrearing are taken as normal development, and we might even find that people who have avoided the full weight of oppressive practices because they had progressive parents are the ones taken as abnormal.

Smacking newborn babies to help them breathe was invented by patriarchal doctors but has been proven not to be necessary. also birth through cesarean section is harmful to the mother child bond, yet this is becoming more widespread as parts of our lives that were originally something “natural” are taken over and rendered “scientific”, to all our detriment.

I believe strongly that the deviance of our mindsets as diagnosed people sets us apart from the mainstream becasue we externalise our pain and confusion, whereas the so caled healthy people brick it away. We are “shameless” and thus more expressive, since shame is an imposition from outside of an adaptive tendency to conform to over-enforced childrearing and the oppressive authority that conditions us as children. we liberate our cries and need for love, and grow as people. we reach out…


Written by Luke Dunn

October 18, 2012 at 6:09 pm

Posted in Prose

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