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Some Notes about David Icke

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Thanks for the David Icke video. In brief I don’t agree with him. I believe that there is a world “out there” which is objectively real. We interpret reality and the interpretation is down to us, within our minds, but the thing we are interpreting is physical reality not a projection. We are bound to the physical world and part of our being is a mass of physical phenomena we call the body, from which our mental consciousness emerges. IF you get knocked down by a car you really do get hurt, its not an illusion.

Secondly I think he is too paranoid that protest is playing into the hands of the abusive elites. Much protest is a right and duty, and genuinely does convey the protesters opinions, and thus is partly effective. I’ll watch it more carefully and add to this after I’ve had my bath.

If I look at something like a banana in my fridge and you call it “a fruit that grew on a tree” and I call it “what I’m having for supper” then we are pointing at different aspects of it and using different terms, but there is still an object out there that we are both looking at. So the mind doesn’t create reality it represents it. I don’t believe that I could turn the banana into an orange just by altering my internal representation of it by somehow adjusting thoughts. If I did this the banana wouldn’t change I’d just be making an error in what I saw. Incidentally this is very hard to do because a hallucination that is completly wrong as a picture of reality is almost unheard of when looking at physical objects. Its much easier to hallucinate social processes involving people, usually for emotional reasons.

Doesn’t he also say that because reality is a projection, you get things like the Jews having a persecution mania that creates actual oppression against them in the outside world. I don’t believe this. I may be rather old fashioned and boring, or even metaphysically blind, but I personally will cling to the idea that there are objective things “out there” and that nothing in my mind can change that. Otherwise I’d just dream I had a million bucks in a golden pot and enjoy myself. But nothing I ever do in my mind can make that true unless I win the lottery or whatever.

I still like the guy but he needs to mug up on his basic physics in my view. Consciousness is amazing but the universe is made of matter, energy, space and time, not shifting magical mind energies. Bill would probably disagree, and Kant might too since he thought concepts of physics were inventions by the mind to render ineffable reality graspable. I don’t care. I go with Dr Johnson when he kicked a rock, that is real and no amount of philosophy can stop it being real. We can’t lotus up and spend eternity in Nirvana if there’s an asteroid about to smash into the earth. Some things are real. God bless common sense !

But I know why he is saying this, and I sympathise for the following important reason. Social processes involving human beings are so complex that no-one can place one final objective interpretation on them. Our understanding of social realities is indeed mentally constructed, and a matter of interpretation. If Maria says something and it hurts my feelings, then what is primarily hurting me *is* my interpretation of what she said, as opposed to the actual vibrating air molecules hitting my ear which is what the sound of her voice really was. The sound hitting my ear is just information but the meaning I give it does originate in me. So I see what he is saying, and he should just try and distinguish between the real nature of the universe and the nature of human beings socially constructed reality. There is an objective level out there, but because of complexity and chaos, we only ever see one conditioned aspect of it. And no one can really say we were wrong either, because finite minds can’t get enough of an overview to resolve many human questions into one right answer.

Its true that the mind is crucial, for instance if i persist in thinking negatively and interpreting a situation as bad, I may get depressed and make myself ill, while another more positive thinker would breeze through it. So yes the mind does partially create reality, but only within its possible sphere of influences. I can’t levitate a rock by willing it. I’ve never seen this done and I still won’t believe it now. He is a New Ager and I’m not.

But sociologically the thoughts and opinions of others do affect my reality. If a bunch of Bugger-boy City Gents think all schizos are losers, then this does affect my life. In that sense their pictures of reality and mine may conflict and war with each other. But they don’t conflict because consciousness is an energy field that spreads from the mind, but because I am an interacting human who absorbs and pays attention to the social world around me through my physically based senses. I interact with their minds in my thoughts and in my movements and activities within the universe, and within the subsector of it that is the Earth where I live and places I go in Britain. I possess mental models of others I know, and they in turn possess mental models of me, so our relating is socially constructed. But ultimately it all takes place on the great stage of the physical world.

I also don’t believe in telepathy. If the thoughts of others affect my thoughts, then they do so through the physical embodiment of me hearing them speak, reading what they write, or in the last case just dialoguing with a model of them I hold in my mind. That model is an abstraction built from sense data I’ve experienced, so even if i feel I’m telepathic, which I sometimes do as you know, ultimately its just another inner dialogue on the inside of my head.

One of the reasons the human environment is rich enough to have driven the emergence of the most powerful brain in the natural world is because we model the thoughts and feelings, atttitudes and behaviours of other humans. Social animals like ants that can’t talk live in social worlds, but the total complexity wasn’t enough for evolution to drive the explosion of the frontal lobes like in humans. Most of our realities are socially constructed, and immensely complex. That’s why its hard to get to the bottom of what Icke is saying. Of course this all may be merely an act of faith on my part because I am a devout acolyte of a notable modern fundamentalist religion called “The Scientific Worldview”, but I don’t believe that myself.

In this matter he is using the word “mind” to equate to something pretty similar to what Gurdjieff and Ouspensky meant by “formatory thinking”. which is also similar to Maya – illusion. I think he’s making a reasonable point in most of it, which is simply that some aspects of how current people socially construct reality is as if they are a bit delusional. But by mystifying consciousness as he does I think he is doing magical thinking. Then again he also seems to be talking about a term I like which was originated by the psychologist Charles Tart, namely the “consensus trance”.

I do think you could live a whole lifetime waiting and trying to wake up to “cosmic consciousness” where everything is perfect, and it wouldn’t happen. Don’t mean to sound too cynical.

This thing about the watch is something mum has talked about. She said that when the first trading ships arrived at the south sea islands the natives didn’t “see” them because coming from a near stone age culture they didn’t believe such a big ship was possible, they never dreamed that a ship could be in that place in that way. So they simply didn’t see them until men in boats arrived on their shore. My mum quotes this as if it explains why some people can’t see UFOs – they just don’t believe its possible so their mind censors. I don’t buy this myself. To be fair the incident about the watch is saying the guy could read an “inscription” not the time as you said. It’s also like the Empire Strikes Back where Yoda levitates Luke’s ship using the Force. Luke had tried and couldn’t do it, so Yoda did it, by lifting the ship out of the swamp. When Luke sees him do it he says “I don’t believe it” and then Yoda turns to him and says “that is why you fail…”

I think in some ways David is evolving his ideas towards a better grip on the truth, he can at least change his mind and develop which is healthy, but I do actually think that he still has the magical thinking that I was commenting on in the earlier critique. I agree that consciousness is about evolution, but I think this happens slower and for the whole human race as we develop towards greater knowledge. It may be that as our science improves we will find humanity with ever more power to live their dreams. I even conceive in the far future that we may have powers like gods to be creators of new realms, new universes. maybe in thousands of years if we get through the current sticking points of war and destruction.

Sadly right now I think people have got much too hung up on gadgets, rather than the original spirit of expanding knowledge and social connections that the early internet gave. I couldn’t give a fuck about smartphones, their apps and tablets, and all that bollocks. especially when the most advanced thing that these people do with them is look at family photos and play music etc. I am an unusual computer person because I like actually using them for problem solving. You can see this in the development of the later versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems because the emphasis is on “looking good” with silly trivial effects and graphics, not on actually using the computer as a tool to enhance your life, solve harder problems, increase range and productivity etc. I couldn’t give a fuck what desktop wallpaper you have, I want to write code, I’d say.

Anyway I agree with him that its possible that the ultimate destiny of life in the universe is expansion of consciousness, freedom, satsifaction, infinite knowledge and wonder. But I disagree on how this is to come, it happens in long time periods as the knowledge and capabilities of the race as a whole evolves, and is not a question of pushing the right meditational bubbles and opening a psychic doorway to nirvana “just like that” in your current lifetime.


Written by Luke Dunn

October 18, 2012 at 5:34 pm

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