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Five more unusual adjectives

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seem merely the customary platitudinous british holding up of horrified hands at american slavery

joan rattled on with the platitudinous originality of youth

i have seldom held forth so platitudinously even in the house of commons

platitudinous rubbish such as any soft idiot who’s been glued all his life to an armchair can reel off by the mile

the platitudinous vacillations of an anonymous premier

to be platitudinous is to be happy

platitudinous in thought and monotonous in rhythm

his delicately figured and latinized sentences commonly sound platitudinous and trivial when they are translated into rough saxon prose

he would declare in a platitudinous tone that property had its duties as well as its rights

to treat masonry as though it were a kind of agglomeration of archaic remains and platitudinous moralizings

don’t offer the people of the pacific coast any platitudinous advice about admitting asiatics

to what depths i have descended in that i can be the apostle of the platitudinous

couched in the irritating platitudinous phraseology deemed indispensable on such occasions

she has no attitude but that of a somewhat patronizing and platitudinous expositor

over all the heartless and fatuous unity spreads this new and wearisome and platitudinous press

with some such thoughts does the platitudinous heart win from the confusion and thunder of niagara a peace that the quietest plains or most stable hills can never give

the flat-footed pedestrianism of these platitudinous volumes

a platitudinous groove from which it is at last powerless to escape

these sentiments have to the modern ear a platitudinous ring



the effect produced upon the gustatory nerves by the passage of an electric current

olfactory and gustatory images seem to play a minor rĂ´le

to make this soup make a little stronger impression on the gustatory organs

a regular diner-out whose conversation was mostly gustatory

there came to our palates the subtle gustatory perfume of apple blossoms

the viennese are adepts in the gustatory art

the gustatory romance of cheddar cheese

dishes of so delicious a flavor that their very appearance excites the gustatory organs of every healthy man

sparkled with anticipation of gustatory delight

it has been a habit for new york to tender either the oratorical bane or the gustatory antidote to her own writers

real enjoyment ought not to be dependent upon feasting and gustatory pleasures

i invite you both to become my guests in london as soon as this war is over and share my gustatory triumph

a remembrance of gustatory bliss which i gratefully cherish

so suggestive of gustatory enthusiasm

unsophisticated humanity is constantly putting everything it sees up to its mouth in a frank spirit of experimental inquiry as to its gustatory properties

sugar is our tribute to the pure gustatory sense

under the flickering candle-lights the company seemed to draw to-gether in a fellowship that was not the bond of gustatory cheer

casting backward glances of invitation like a gustatory siren enticing them to a place of bliss

with strong gustatory sensations and a positive drooling at the mouth

interest in the gustatory aspect of the occasion was wholly undimmed by the threatened absence of mac



smoking ruminatively the pipe that prefaces slumber

these old ruminative observers of life

as much a part of his facial anatomy as his long ruminative nose

he used to puzzle over them in an odd ruminative fashion

the son chewed ruminatively upon his fingers and fastened upon my companion a gaze not merely interested

the farmer looked off across the country and spat ruminatively

thorpe had concluded his philosophical remarks with ruminative slowness

peering darkly out for a long and ruminative period at the dusty foliage of the court house elms

gazed ruminatively out over the flourishing city

hanson’s eyes were fixed ruminatively but unseeingly upon the golden desert

such people peruse him in an enjoyably ruminative way at their meals

whose habit was taciturn and ruminative

the usually silent ruminative old man was positively loquacious

crunching the bigger grains with ruminative enjoyment between her teeth

this communication was being received in ruminative silence

his eyes wandered ruminatively about the rough interior of the little cabin
he went up to his small apartment on the third floor and muttered ruminatively until his wife inquired what he was talking to himself about

the tame cattle that rubbed their necks on the level hedge-top and gazed at him ruminatively were very different from the wild

emperor euphrates digested this new bit of information in ruminative silence for a moment without showing the slightest sign of what his personal opinion might be of it

the sheriff relapsed into his ruminative manner as he led the way back to the house


charles vii was the original source of the crapulous debauchery of the last valois

and crapulous women sat and stared at the stones anigh with a bestial droop of the lip and a swinish rheum in the eye

a cantankerous and crapulous turn of mind

she led the crapulous existence of the most abject

directed against the crapulous exoticism of contemporary literature

and who himself lived in crapulous idleness

the most crapulous group of boors that teniers ever painted

when a crapulous tyranny crushes men down into the dirt

as it passed through he straightened himself and put up his hand in a crapulous salute

i recognized him as one whose fustigation had so revived my crapulous spirits in the morning

his sole delight was centred in a crapulous love of the bottle

a crapulous robber who sees valuables like that within his reach

we can associate him with the murder of the marquise de langrune without thereby destroying our case that the crime is a crapulous one

which was worthy of the degenerate nobles and crapulous financiers for whom it was invented

of reckless carnage and colossal sacrifices of human life which are the fruits of an attempt to save by military glory a crapulous dynasty

hosts of unclean birds and crapulous insects can pass through the sky

she yields him the crapulous fruition of her charms before the eye of her disconsolate boy-paramour

he has very likely spent the night with some friends blackguarding crapulous bonaparte

snatches of a strange conversation between two crapulous rascals

a crapulous chanticleer


chuckling inwardly with puckish glee

he had the puckish swiftness and mischief of which the successful mountebank is made

he had a puckish knowledge of human nature

a personal puckish scepticism which can be easily aped if not imitated

he had an ingrained puckish delight in the incongruous

a puckish digestion forbade my consuming one single shred of the ambrosial preparation

that there may be an eternal puckish malice arranging and deranging human destinies is another question

oliver onions has a light puckish humour and a smooth if over-hasty pen

her delight in the consciousness of her ingenuity broke out in a thousand puckish freaks

the only example i can think of is the unsung hero of the last century who had puckish imagination enough to name the first atomic-powered submarine _nautilus_

and saw buntingford and helena push off into the puckish rays of the searchlight

there never was such a puckish game played in history

locker carried to his grave more than a suspicion of what is called puckishness

wood-wind puckish and obscene

and she has a sort of puckish pride in bringing her suitor to her feet

but there was nothing puckish about the enemy at that moment

and now at length we are enriched by the spectacle of this iridescent and puckish little book


Written by Luke Dunn

March 5, 2014 at 9:00 am

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