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Reality involves Telepathy

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It is a fact ordained by the confidently speaking and widely believed intellectual elites of the western tradition that telepathy does not occur.

These elites claim to earn their pay for the important task of constructing and validating the “Reality” in which we exist and move. What they usually do is more akin to building fortified ramparts as I will briefly suggest.

Does not the “fact” of the nonexistence of mind-communication, as most credit it (while they neatly remove my quotation marks), effectively construct a safe haven for atomic disconnected souls… and a means for them to stay safely disconnected into the perpetuity of an eternal time where their locked defenses will hold?

A reality is socially constructed where telepathy, because impossible, is rendered and portrayed as unreal, and where its occurrence is denied and excluded from the hallowed circle of “that which can be”. This circle of the permitted real is unendingly reinforced and becomes a rampart which is defended with pikestaff and social enactment.

The usual proponents we find of “crankish” views such as beliefs in telepathy may not even themselves know how deep the phenomenon goes, due to the fact that their insights have been hobbled by the repeated onslaught of argumentation against their position.

This is to be contrasted with a widespread position among “psychically permissive” cultures of magic, shamanism and animism that the telepathic nature of the universe, ie perpetual communication as an act of direct emanation from the self without the intermediary of mind or will, is simply a given.

So what happens is that the “magical level” of perpetual intercommunication between beings where essence sings to essence is constructed and pictured as a forbidden level. To sample this is to go “where angels fear to tread”. Breakers of a crime against obscurely written and unquestioned laws will usually receive the (anti) socially allocated penalty of being spoken about as, or officially sanctioned to be, “mad”. (I can speak from experience about the latter penalty.)

So what then? a familiar pattern:

What is deemed True is held to be so by the action of a natural law of the kind that physics aims to validate. To embrace what cannot be true in the official version will be punished by a “law” equally rigid, although a social-legal one not one of physics.

I sometimes despair.


Written by Luke Dunn

July 10, 2014 at 5:49 pm

Posted in Prose

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