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The Journey – part i

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The good ship Aleph was part of the way along a trajectory through hyperspace that joined the two points designated by the coordinates #1928.3746.5547, its starting point, and #5647.3820.9101, its destination.

The Aleph was spherical, nearly two kilometers across. Seamlessly constructed by swarms of replicators that had oh-so-patiently munched through millions of tons of mineral feedstock gathered from asteroids in the system where it was grown. On the occasion of its delicate extrusion from the nanomass, the immaculate finished result – a whole functioning starship, had astonished the observing sentiencies gathered around the site. Poems and bursts of song celebrated this glory among technological artefacts… this vessel whose main generators harnessed the exawatts of power more typical of a small star.

Deep in the heart of the ship, almost perfectly centred at the core of the sphere, was a room. It was lit by a dazzling white light that emerged from panels along the ceiling, and in it were 5 couches, also white, each supporting a human form. The forms each had shiny bulges of neurogel adhering to their crania, indicating that these, the ships crew, were mutually interfacing in order to guide the craft to its final goal. That goal the star system that the Aleph’s creators knew as Serruah iii.


Adjacent to the core room was a chamber seldom visited by any of the crew, which held the several hundred metre wide cube of embedded circuitry that was the Aleph’s central processor. The cube floated in a null-g field and festooned across each face of the cube were conduits that pumped the cooling fluid without which the processor would have quickly exploded, showing the kind of energetic fury that a nuclear fusion event is known for.

But the ship was safe, since each component meshed together with each other in a choreographed waltz of technological perfection, hitherto unseen among the sentiencies, even those wise designers who, with blueprint and schematic, with light-pen and neurogel headwear, had conceived the Aleph… and initiated the initial seed of its becoming.

In the virtual 5-sphere where the spirits of the 5 crew soared in ecstatic interface-rapture, plans were afoot. The Aleph would soon arrive at #5647.3820.9101, and there was much adaptation needed by the crew if the problem that this system represented to the sentiencies was to be solved correctly.

For Serruah iii had suffered a grand misfortune.

A rogue Mind had emerged there, and was rapidly converting all the free mass of the system into a fleet of sentient warships.

“Ouch!” had said the leaders of the sentiencies. “Ouch!” the crew of the Aleph.. and “Ouch!” would come the cries of the populations of half the systems of the local neighbourhood if this Rogue Mind were to run rampage as it might. As others had before, furnishing tales of disaster handed down, tales that frightened children, and the adults who told them.

… and this situation was what the crew, joined in the mystic union of interface, were trying so hard to prevent, as the Aleph smoothly followed its course:

“hypothesize multivariate coordination of Rogue’s expansion”

“Yes, projection valid, multivariate coord is optimal solution for Rogue… likely it will pursue”

“hypothesize containment strategy to out-gun this step, containment sphere of sentiency ships”

“suggestion registered and placed in new discussion space, I agree”

“moving to new thread, containment sphere design”




“estimates for cost of generation of fleet large enough to enclose Serruah iii system are issued and have this ref: 289384747829292”

“thank crewmember for this work…”

and so the interface continued as the soaring spirits conversed and planned.


Written by Luke Dunn

November 28, 2015 at 5:08 pm

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