code and the oracular

Time Spoor

with one comment

writing about memories
external memories held in objects
an old letter, a train ticket

together my words and the things
form an alternative reality
that you and I can visit

clichéd words, hackneyed expressions
are avoided and novelty obtained
the mass media is the devil

I will hoard and covet memory traces
being able to follow a temporal arc
back to human events that are the object’s roots

like keeping a rat as a familiar
like locking your front door
and not emerging for a month

like the smell of Martin’s hallway
which is like mouldy hymn books in a church
or ancient scrolls buried and now retrieved

like shaping neologisms of your own
or a pile of Roman coinages in a cellar
to use words as doorways to escape through

to eschew brand names or adverts
my trove of old ephemera comforts
I am a dragon with my little gems

the cave walls of my lair
have inch thick black coats of grease
from centuries of fire-roasted goblin meat

Everything is dust and I let it settle
peace deep underground away from sirens
a sunless sea with bleached blind fish laps

in places the water stagnates
these are bad memories
but I dare not disinfect them away


Written by Luke Dunn

September 24, 2016 at 1:26 pm

Posted in Creative Writing

One Response

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  1. this was so wonderful. so expressive of how we are. i can totally identify with every bit of this… except, of course, for your rat.

    Mary Elisabeth DuPont

    September 24, 2016 at 8:33 pm

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