Writing about my life. When I'm well it's math and code… But when the schizy demon rises it's prose and poetry.

Shark (poem)

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I dreamed I swam in the sea off the coast
A big shark came and ate me, I was toast

cells, blood, lymph, light
spilled out from his bite

all the vitality within me
just flooded into the briny

each component mingled into the birth-water
remaining from when sea was life’s beginner

yet kept safe and alive by the nutrient potion
suspended in this medium, fed by the ocean

I was disintegrated but stayed conscious
diluted across miles not at all anxious

I contained driftwood and seaweed, fish swimming
beyond death, my body fluid now, yet still living

dear sea you can save
me forever in your wave


Written by Luke Dunn

November 14, 2017 at 8:13 am

Posted in Poems

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