Writing about my life. When I'm well it's math and code… But when the schizy demon rises it's prose and poetry.

Halluce (poem)

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presences come to me
who can they truly be?

voices speak in the shade
just once… then fade

through this I’m never alone
a mad dog gnawing an old bone

primal pains bubble suppressed
as worry or aches they manifest

I’m only at peace in the night’s safe sea 
where invisibility means no culpability

though not enough for a whole school of them 
one hard knock hit me square in my heart-stem

ah but I did learn a mystery through it too
self healing need not be confined to just you

although sometimes in such pain enmeshed
the energy spills over and is refreshed


Written by Luke Dunn

November 15, 2017 at 8:00 am

Posted in Poems

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