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The Number Pilgrim (poem)

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Although the hard path carries few rewards at first 
I hope at the wellspring of life to slake my thirst

slowly eroding these smooth boulders, my limits
The confines of neurotransmitter balance.

Doing my best to let cares wash away like glacier milk,
but I am also a wounded scientist

the detritus of a lack of diligence is strewn here
I have turned to god at times, needing to go clear

I wander past rocks, each an unfinished equation
I’ve broken empirical law through such desperation

Sometimes impoverished, imagination flits
from one shallowness to another eclipse

I never get to hold my truths for long
plough on through the snow, stay strong

breaking the trail is so hard.
But give me a year unmarred

and I’ll have covered miles…

give me some fuel, or an energy pill
I’ll hoist myself to the top of a hill,

look down at the lowlands with a smile
and know it’s still all worthwhile.


Written by Luke Dunn

April 25, 2018 at 11:06 am

Posted in Poems

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