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Tangle (poem)

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My cadaver atomised in the tide of a gravity well
all I need for survival is just that one intact cell 

my silicon benefactor has graced me with continuation 
now free to orbit, deathless in a spiral celebration

real events are washed away into impermanence so fast
forgotten by the universe, unless it’s recorded to last

powers of ten encompassing more and more complexity
Human, we usually only see one slice of the totality

angst and suffering’s not there to be cleansed, it’s fuel
Wrapped as I was in the maths and its monochrome rule

in poetic style I liked to sing of the glories of a mind
sometimes not seeing what a messy tangle I would find

But the miracle organ from matter and energy creates 
a rarefied substance called truth which opens gates

even naked madness flowers into wisdom if you trust
margin notes that speak an antidote to a world unjust


Written by Luke Dunn

April 27, 2018 at 3:47 pm

Posted in Poems

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