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Shard (poem)

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A babbling stream is a flowing lesson
in how to treasure a thinking session

Inside a brain memes compete and swarm
what an interesting virtual life­form

The ecology of the mind is so rich too
but without the inner eye hard to view

A zany and wacky mood quite often rules me
distilled down in graphomania’s frenzy

textual enzymes primed for correct construction
To others no value, flavour or instruction

yes doubt suggests that so few will appreciate
only those whose digestions can let them relate

I am aware of every shifting process in my system
guts rumble and I fear a flood of pains from them

the manic train still zooms down the track
its driver smoking yet another rock of crack

to be a writer you need to study all of life
strangenesses, why people sink in such strife

even things that might make your stomach turn
like the core of tragedy or suffering’s burn

I have examined our own long story carefully
and used a magnifying glass to see so freely

so I had to read a maths book to shift my thinking
onto matters that don’t involve evil or drinking

But I love it when I struggle and things get so hard
trying to burn like fire to embrace the one shard

A movie tells me to seek out intense situations
where efforts are rewarded in facing complications

life should be an explosion of virtue and merit 
as you grow out of the conditioned mould you inherit


Written by Luke Dunn

May 14, 2018 at 7:16 am

Posted in Poems

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