Writing about my life. When I'm well it's math and code… But when the schizy demon rises it's prose and poetry.

These and so many things (poem)

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Like the reassurance of the media 

When a voice booms out what we already know
and so desperately need to confirm and show

because for it to be known it must be true 
and, for it to be true, simply right to you

Like the avoidance of psychedelia 

the bizarre, an irritant to our complacency 
showing us a world we say don’t need to see 

or explore as for that we let go of comfort

Like the murder of poetry

… by a marketing pitch
until nobody knows which of these is which

When predictability phases out real spirit
and appearances are all we need to inherit

Because sincerity only brings on judgement

Like the castigation of the quiet or shy

sponsoring the forced extroversion shows
on reality tv you parade so everybody knows

every private thought is cheapened for who’s who
so what we need most is to be part of a PR coup

Like the destruction of the wilds

our convenience trumps any concern for the earth
as if we should forget what natural beauty is worth

still addicts to all these habits, are we fakes?
Will our end be to hide from our mistakes?

denying our needs and still continuing the lies
as our poor old world slowly fades and cries


Written by Luke Dunn

July 31, 2018 at 8:00 am

Posted in Poems

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