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Selfishness and Politics

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There was once a great new idea propagated (centuries ago) which grew to be called “DIY” which stood for “Do It Yourself”.

This was a craze that overtook thousands of citizens where they were able to save money by not paying builders who, as part of their fee, usually reserved the right to tell filthy jokes and sexually harass all female passers by as they were working on the client’s property. But it went further than that in time when it was found that ordinary folk could learn about politics and economics through a popular system called Facefuck. Printed copies, containing user submitted messages, were distributed in the market squares morning and evening. This grew hugely popular when people started to realise they could have a convenient narcissistic relationship where no other real human company was needed. The DIY ethic was reaching its pinnacle. All you had to do was stay alone and contribute to Facefuck.
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Written by Luke Dunn

August 4, 2016 at 9:29 pm

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