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World Building

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Dear Steve,

I want to present a rich human story set in a cosmology that is roughly identical to the enormous body of knowledge that might be called “The Scientific World-view”.

This desire comes about because I have been to occult hells when I experimented with Mysticism. I want to do what I believe Doug Adams did, which is to write myself sane.

It may be quite difficult to get into this because a large proportion of my time is currently spent singing little nonsense ditties to myself to try and banish weird occult thoughts. One that I am playing with at the moment goes like this

See the little Ozle dancing in the Skozle
See the little Eyebral of the Schizamie

which goes roughly to a tune of a Bach piano piece I’ve been playing.
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Written by Luke Dunn

December 31, 2016 at 11:27 am

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The Journey – part i

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The good ship Aleph was part of the way along a trajectory through hyperspace that joined the two points designated by the coordinates #1928.3746.5547, its starting point, and #5647.3820.9101, its destination.

The Aleph was spherical, nearly two kilometers across. Seamlessly constructed by swarms of replicators that had oh-so-patiently munched through millions of tons of mineral feedstock gathered from asteroids in the system where it was grown. On the occasion of its delicate extrusion from the nanomass, the immaculate finished result – a whole functioning starship, had astonished the observing sentiencies gathered around the site. Poems and bursts of song celebrated this glory among technological artefacts… this vessel whose main generators harnessed the exawatts of power more typical of a small star.
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November 28, 2015 at 5:08 pm

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Story: The Blobs

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Alpha blob was a fairly ordinary blob, he had grown up with a regular blob family somewhere east of the great river, after school he had become a plumber and fixed hundreds of blob lubrication systems for many blobs in his local area.

Beta blob too was a normal blob. She used the correct lubrication system for her female parts, coated them with slime and looked after her pheromone pores with a care appropriate for a good honest female blob.

Of course being blobs both these individuals had had attached the requisite level of spines around their soft body cores. Blobs needed spines because there still remained many predators in Blobland and the spines were evolution’s way of protecting jelly-soft blob flesh from the (at times) severely demanding conditions that external life could offer blobs and their lesser relatives. Yes blobs had been hunted by Klakkers for much of their evolutionary history, and it was only relatively recently that the meek blobs had streaked past the klakkers in evolutionary dominance due to the blobs invention of the spines, which succesfully protected the slimy soft Blob core from the harsh predation potential of the Klakkers.

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Written by Luke Dunn

August 15, 2012 at 7:45 pm

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