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Dear Steve,

I want to present a rich human story set in a cosmology that is roughly identical to the enormous body of knowledge that might be called “The Scientific World-view”.

This desire comes about because I have been to occult hells when I experimented with Mysticism. I want to do what I believe Doug Adams did, which is to write myself sane.

It may be quite difficult to get into this because a large proportion of my time is currently spent singing little nonsense ditties to myself to try and banish weird occult thoughts. One that I am playing with at the moment goes like this

See the little Ozle dancing in the Skozle
See the little Eyebral of the Schizamie

which goes roughly to a tune of a Bach piano piece I’ve been playing.
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Written by Luke Dunn

December 31, 2016 at 11:27 am

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